MSNA shall consist of a Board of Directors and five Committees. The committees shall be Security, Social, Appearance, Communication, and Membership. The fundamental principles of organization of the Marlborough Square Neighborhood Association are maximum participation of all members and sharing the work.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall consist of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and the chairpersons of each committee. All members of the Board of Directors shall be chosen by election at a general membership meeting each January. The Board shall be responsible for general planning and oversight of the Association, including review and approval of all expenditures. The Treasurer shall be responsible for direct management of all Association funds, and shall provide a general accounting of those funds each year at the January general membership meeting. The Board shall meet at least once a quarter and shall convene a general membership meeting at least every six months. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for all liaison and coordination with the City of Richardson, including attending all City combined neighborhood/homeowner association meetings.


The committees shall be the primary active elements of the Association. It is the function of the committees to make things happen in the neighborhood for their respective areas of interest. Consistent with fundamental principles of the Association stated above, all Association members will be assigned to one or more committees. This will ensure an ample pool of workers for committee activities, while minimizing the amount of time any one person will have to devote to committee activities and work. Each committee shall have at least one chairperson, preferably two or three to spread the work around. Committees will hold planning meeting as determined by the chairpersons, but not less then once every six months.

Security Committee

The Security Committee shall be responsible for coordinating with the Richardson Police Dept. on all matters affecting neighborhood, and disseminating security information to Association members. This shall include convening semi-annual neighborhood safety meetings in conjunction with the police. The committee shall also be responsible for coordinating with, and promoting participation in the neighborhood watch organization. The Security Committee will consist of the chairperson(s) and at least two block captains for each street.

Appearance Committee

The Appearance Committee shall be responsible for promoting the general appearance of the neighborhood. This will include monthly judging of the appearance of houses on each street and awarding Marlborough Square and street “Home of the Month” signs.

It may also include writing Neighborhood citations for houses whose appearance detracts from the neighborhood, in hopes of prompting some improvement. The Committee shall also be responsible for the general state of the landscaping at the entrance to the neighborhood on Forsythe.

Membership and Welcoming Committee

The Membership and Welcoming Committee shall be responsible for promoting membership in the Association. This will include contacting residents who are not currently members and encouraging them to join, as well as greeting new residents and acquainting them with the Association. New residents will be provided a City Infopacket by the committee. The Membership Committee will be responsible for updating and distributing (in conjunction with the Information Committee) the MSNA Directory. This Committee shall consist of the chairperson(s) and two members on each street

Communication Committee

The purpose of the Information Committee will be to promote general neighborliness by providing information to members about the neighborhood and the people that live in it.

This will generally take the form of the website, supplemented by an E-mail newsletter. An E-mail newsletter will be distributed quarterly; a printed version will be distributed to those neighbors that request. As part of this function a list of service providers (plumbers, auto repair, etc.) recommended by members will be included in the information provided.

Social Committee

The Social Committee shall be responsible for planning and organizing at least two neighborhood gatherings to promote fun and getting to know the neighbors. Consistent with organizing principles of the Association different groups of the committee members should be assigned to work the separate event