Ten for TIN- Volunteer Opportunity

April is National Volunteer Month and MSNA would like your participation! On Saturday, April 20th we will be assisting neighbors in our community that are needing an extra hand around the house.
We encourage each person to look for an opportunity to help a neighbor this month who might be struggling to keep things going. We are not thinking of big projects like painting, but little things like planting grass or flowers, washing windows, getting stuff out of attic, etc.

Let’s all work together to build a sense of community and show what makes Marlborough Square such a great place to live!

2013-2014 MSNA Officers

Congratulations to all the 2013-2014 MSNA Officers!

President: Mary Beth and Bill Carpenter
Vice president: Peggy Sanford
Treasurer: Sheryl Kreick

Membership: Carolyn Davis
Beautification: Ruth Martin and Heidi Walsh
Communications: Nick Robison
Neighborhood Security: Myrna and Richard Cudlipp
National Night Out: Dave Riley
Social: Nick Robison
Ten for TIN: Valerie King and Daphne Self
July 4: To be named
Neighborhood Garage Sale: To be named

Block captains:
— Concord: Raymond and Linda Hart
— Flintwood: Jana Morgan
— Forsythe: Suzy Williams and Lynette Feagin
— Mt. Vernon: Ann Simmons
— Potomac: Laura Brownlee
— Stonecrest: Norm and Beth Wills

MSNA General Meeting

Where: Spring Ridge Elementary
When: Tuesday April 2nd, 2013

Dinner: 6:30 p.m. Provided by Desperados Mexican Restaurant Tacos, beans, rice, chips, salsa, drinks $5 per person
Business Meeting: 7:00 p.m. Election of Officers Treasurer’s Report Other Reports Sign up for events and committees

Water Conservation


Mandatory water conservation measures under Stage 2

Stage 2 mandatory water use restrictions limit all landscape and other outdoor water usage at each service address to twice per week based on the last digit of the metered service physical street address as follows:

Last Digit of Address                                 Allowed Landscape Water Days
0,2,4,6,8 (Even)                                         Tuesday and Saturday
1,3,5,7,9 (Odd)                                           Wednesday and Sunday

Hourly time water use restrictions may be imposed if warranted by current peak usage and/or pumping conditions. The lowest physical street address number will identify apartments, office building complexes or other property containing multiple addresses. If there is no street address number, a number will be assigned by the director of public services.

Volunteer Opportunities

Want to make a difference in the community?
MSNA has many committees that need chairmen and/or members. As you complete your MSNA 2013 Membership Form, please take time to circle one or more committees you would like to serve on.
MSNA has the following Committees that you can join: Beautification, Safety, Communication, National Night Out, Ten for TIN, and Block Captains. There will be lots of exciting new things going on in 2013. Be a part of it by joining a committee, being a board member, or by just volunteering some time.